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Family Name

Family name or surname.

Other Name

First names / christian name. The system applies many rules to help you find first names. Gaelic and English equivalents are dealt with, as well as many English alternatives. See notes on names.

Birth Date

Within the nearest 5 years


Husband or Wife's name


Father's name


Mother's (maiden) name


Place of residence in the Hebrides

Emigration Date

Within the nearest 5 years


Hebridean Parishes


This list represents all the destinations we have in the database. Please bear in mind that there are quite a large number of cases where we know that a person left the islands, but don't know where they went. So, please broaden your search to try the "Not Currently Known" option if you don't find your family straight away.


The state or province that the person emigrated to.


The county (not country) that the person emigrated to.


The individual township that the person emigrated to.

Family Reference

This family reference is unique to us, and allows us to gather together the information we have on all the members of one family. When you have found your family, try searching using this reference number to get all of your family members.

Emigration Reference

This emigration reference is unique to us. It relates to the emigrants living together after emigration and is taken from various sources from the destination country. It often contains a letter code and a number e.g CB1215 is Cape Breton 1215.


Sometimes we have details of which ship the person sailed on.
Any other relevant notes. Most records won't have extra notes, as most things such as the ship they travelled on are already covered.

Date Fuzz

This is how precise to make your searches. A datefuzz of 10 will search the 5 years either side of the dates you input.