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Consultancy role to support SLF Stage 2

Northton Heritage Trust (NHT) has secured funding as part of their Stage 2 award to support the delivery of outcomes. The Trust’s Board wishes to commission a consultant to work with them to on this. They are now inviting tenders from suitably experienced consultants to deliver this role.

The Trust has a Business Manager who is responsible for running the centre and manging the growing staff team (3 people + volunteers). The successful SLF Stage 2 application enables the Trust to go on and purchase the various parcels of land described in their application and then bring forward plans for their development in line with their business plan and other local strategic development and funding plans.

The additional capacity from the successful candidate will bring the following skills set, to work alongside the business manager:

  • Negotiation of legal transfers on behalf of the NHT Board from their various current owners, working with solicitors from both sides
  • Ability to research and prepare funding applications to support the various elements of post site acquisition work
    • RIBA stages 3 – 6 with NHT architects
    • Development of student accommodation facility
    • Development of Seallam! Visitor Centre – Extension
    • Development of Seallam! Outdoors
  • Prepare briefs for above project elements for approval by Trust Board, circulation for tender and liaison with professional team to deliver
  • Essentially add capacity and skills to support the Business Manager


  • Successful purchase of the four parcels of land
    • Liaison with solicitors and NHT Board, Mr Lawson etc to ensure satisfactory arrangements for all
  • Plans for their development of various project elements (described above) and appropriate costings
  • Seek funding for the various preparatory studies and manage their delivery to inform the next stages of the project (Ecology study, flood risk assessment, development of Seallam! Outdoors to RIBA Stage 2 etc)
  • Support the delivery of all SLF Stage 2 outcomes

Project Management:

The consultant will work closely with the Business Manager and report to the NHT Board on a regular basis in line with their requirements. Payments will be made in line with various project milestones based on an agreed workplan.

Proposals should include:

  • Full details of the consultant or team to deliver the project
  • Relevant experience of delivery of Scottish Land Fund projects at Stage 2
  • Understanding and knowledge of community build projects
  • A workplan for the delivery of project outcomes, including time/task allocation

Time line: January 2022 – June 2022

Total Budget; £10,000

Closing Date for proposals: Monday 10 January 2022 at 2 pm

Proposals are invited from suitably experienced/qualified consultants to deliver the above project in line with the required timeline. The successful candidate will be appointed on a self-employed basis. It is anticipated that the majority of the work can be carried out remotely in line with current Covid practices.

Further information on the role can be requested from Stephen Mackinnon, Business Manager, Northton Heritage Trust, Seallam! Visitor Centre, Northton, Isle of Harris, HS3 3JA. Tel 01859 520258 or email


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